Relay For Life ~Fundraiser~


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A few images from a fundraising event for our local Relay for Life.

What is Relay you ask? I wrote the following a few years ago and I’ll just use it again. 😉 Essentially, it’s where your community gets together to help raise money for The American Cancer Society by holding a walk-a-thon of sorts. Every team needs to have a team member on the track at all times and our event runs from 3:00 pm Saturday and ends at 9:00 am Sunday morning. Click >>here<< for more a much more detailed description.

I have been participating in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life for the past 6 years (participated unofficially for a few years before that) and have served on the local committee for the last 3 years. Having lost too many people to cancer, my hope is to end this fight one day soon.

Please feel free to donate any amount by clicking the image below…totally up to you if you want to donate (but would be most cool and I thank you for the consideration)!!

David Williams Photography





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