Folklife Skate or Die…Dude (or clown)

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Nice thing about Folklife is there are so many things to do/watch, this year I decided to make sure to hit up the skate park. What…a clown? What the? I just had to include him in this series for some reason, perhaps it’s those eyebrows (every time I went past the image they reached out to me). Oh well, somehow (in a rather strange way) it fits for me! Well guys, hope you have a great weekend, be safe and have fun!

Oh, forgot to ask…which is your fav? For me, it’s the first image (looking) followed by headlight. I just love the look in her face as if she’s thinking…can I do that?. Headlight cause, well, cause it’s a cool shot (not that they aren’t all cool)! 😛


© Copyright 2014 David Williams

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3 thoughts on “Folklife Skate or Die…Dude (or clown)

  1. I still have to edit the hundreds I got over the past few times. Great shots and I really like your choice of desat editing. Adds a nice element to them. 😀

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