Wordless Wednesday ~09.18.13~

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© Copyright 2013 David Williams

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9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~09.18.13~

  1. Thanks for the dedication to your craft. The only time I was ever out in the middle of the night was when I had to go on maneuvers with the army. Being in the Air Force, I kept asking all night long, why are we doing this?

  2. I see you’ve been having the fog as well. It sure settled in for a few days across the water at my place. I did not get any good shots in it though. Unlike you. Great to see that the bridge repair is well on its way.I understand it is open to traffic now.

    • Hey there, it is open for business (thankfully)! The replacement project only took a night, was suppose to open at 7am but didn’t open until the afternoon due to some unforeseen troubles (isn’t that how it always goes)? 😀

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