TARDIS Shoes!!

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I posted three of these yesterday on a Facebook Page for a photo-a-day theme (posted as a collage) and couldn’t resist posting them again here…I just love the job my daughter Cait did on painting the shoes (can you tell, my daughter is a huge Dr. Who fan)!! Hope these might brighten your day as much as they do my little Whovian…


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12 thoughts on “TARDIS Shoes!!

  1. Those shoes are marvellous!
    The photos are pretty good too! Did Devon make them? (I note the copyright credit.)
    Lots of fun here!

  2. Very nice. She has a good eye. I hope she gets that 40D out from time to time and applies her eye to photography. It would be nice to see more of her PoV!

      • Do they teach it at school by any chance?

        The high school my kids went to have a very good teacher and her classes were very popular. She teaches with film cameras, including developing and printing, which the kids really like learning. It teaches a parsimony with shutter clicks, and a concentration on in-camera composition and exposure control which serves well later. Probably the distance from family influence is a good thing at that age too!

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