David Williams Photography Devon Williams

f/4 | 1/160 | iso 400 | Canon 135mm f/2L USM

Much to my surprise and absolute enjoyment, my son Devon has been showing some interest in photography!! Here’s a shot he took on a trip down to my parents house, it’s of his sister playing her DSi 3d (probably playing a Professor Layton game). He loves B&W (sorry dad) so when I post more be expecting them to be in that format. Totally looking forward to sharing more…


© Copyright 2013 Devon Williams

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This work by Devon Williams is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License.


11 thoughts on “Stoked!

  1. Awesome! Look out David, you will find things missing from your camera bag, including the bag and all the contents, just when you want to shoot something (I speak from experience). I came into digital photography via the reverse route. I had drifted away from photography over the years, film became too expensive, and I mostly did it for work not for fun. My kids started taking photography lessons at school, and my son talked me into getting a DSLR, which opened up a creative door for me – I am very greatful to them for that and share the camera with them. They all take great photographs.

  2. GREAT shot! My daughter is quite the photographer – started long before I did. It’s nice to share the love of it with her….mostly, though, I just love seeing the world through her eyes!!

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