85mm 1.8: Fenced Out or In?

David Williams Photography Fence Out

Fenced out

I took a little trip to one of our local parks yesterday and this was the very first thing I saw, a rather non-rusted fence with a very rusted chain! I believe the fence is to stop motorized vehicles from entering the park as just to the left of this, there’s a entrance for foot traffic. I typically don’t crop my images in post as I try to get the framing correct in-camera, however, I did crop in this shot. There was just something about the fence on the right that was bothering me ssoooo, goodbye part of the fence! I’ve been tossing the idea of to crop or not to crop for this theme, I am going to TRY and not crop in post for the remainder. I’ll add something in the write-up if I do.

f/1.8 | 1/640 | iso 100 | Canon 85mm f/1.8


Fenced In

David Williams Photography Fenced

Here’s another shot, just a different angle. Both images had a black and white conversion layer added in Photoshop and then the opacity of the layer was lowered to allow some colour. Personally, I like the chains in Fenced Out but love the “icy” look to the chain link fence in Fenced In. 😀

f/1.8 | 1/640 | iso 100 | Canon 85mm f/1.8


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24 thoughts on “85mm 1.8: Fenced Out or In?

  1. Its a shame to lose the really out of focus part of that fence, but I side with the first shot too. How about complementary crops – do an abstract from the left side of the image as well – double value from one image 🙂

  2. Like them both and especially how the rusted chain is in great contrast. The bokeh in the 2nd I love, but it might be a bit much, becoming the dominate element. I would be tempted to crop out that “icy” bokeh and use it as a texture overlay on something else.

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