Time Does Not…

David Williams Photography Time Does Not

“Time does not change us. It just unfolds us.”
~Max Frisch

Just as time has unfolded the beauty in this rusted out nail when compared to a new one (sorry new nail, you are just a tad drab). Back to the rust theme for today, I really dig the texture and colours on the head of the main nail! 😀


Want to see it clearer?

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22 thoughts on “Time Does Not…

  1. Excellent quote to accompany the photograph. It also reminds me of something I read in a novel where the character went off about “decay being invisible fire,” and that it was always consuming and as soon as people give up the fight, it starts winning. The above texture and range of colors in the pitted metal make me think of decay as a slow fire. One of my favs right here.

    • Very nicely put Brandon, I can totally see where you are coming from and would have to agree with you. This image is right up there in my rust series but I would have to say “The Point Is” from two days ago (the barbed wire w/the purple background) is my fav so far. 😀

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