Go Play!

David Williams Photography Go Play

Time to go play, it’s the weekend!

I decided this week to play/practice with a sundown strobist shot and this is what I ended up with. As you can see, the rain was getting ready to pour down so I was limited on my time, really looking forward to getting out again SOON to take more night shots. 😀

One of the things they have done at Northern State Hospital is the addition of a Frisbee golf course, this happens to be the the second basket (do they call them holes in Frisbee golf?)  taken right around sundown.


Strobist info: A Canon 580 EX II on manual @ full power shot through an Apollo 28″ softbox above the hole and a bare Canon 430 EX II, manual @ 1/32 power laying on the ground in front of the subject.

Want to see it clearer?

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All rights reserved


10 thoughts on “Go Play!

  1. Great clouds. I use to visit an old park that had these and since there were never people there, I didn’t know what they were actually for, the frisbee golf. I thought the were some kind of weird & dangerous animal feeders.

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