Wordless Wednesday ~02.08.12~

David Williams Photography Wordless Wednesday


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18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~02.08.12~

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  2. In a way, David, this can be a bit ambiguous. It’s possible this could be good news…late at night…waiting on something…and then FINALLY. With the range of responses, one thing is certain…it’s a story photo. Nicely done.

    • It’s been interesting receiving feed back both here and in person, all the different takes on his look. Just happy I was able to succeed my desired outcome…to let the image speak for itself and let the viewers imagination decipher Devon’s look! 😀

    • Good one Mary, that totally made me smile! I was trying to portray someone receiving bad news. Ya know, like receiving a Dear John letter (a letter where your love is telling you that she/he is leaving you), and sure, a bad report card would totally fit the bill (BOY do I remember getting those….)! 😀

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