Pink Flamingo

Say, have you ever had an image which you are editing and it’s just totally cracking you up? This is one such image for me!

The first thing I thought of was those funny little creatures that could take their heads off in the movie Labyrinth…which cracked me up. Then, I did actually remove those legs in the upper right corner and was toggling back and forth between having them in the image and removed…again, freaking cracked up (wish you could have seen the legs pop in and out)! Finally, when I was placing my logo all I could think of was…hahahaa, lordy, look what the flamingo did! πŸ˜› Oh well, enjoy…


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11 thoughts on “Pink Flamingo

  1. Great shot David, and sounds like you had a heck of a time while processing. I like the wide eye on the flamingo, looks like he’s wondering what the heck you’re doing!

  2. I like the humor David. I think the legs in the upper right do fit. When I first looked at the photo, I thought I would remove them, then looking again, I see they work. Thanks for the laugh. πŸ˜‰

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