As many of you know, birds and David just don’t mix! Lucky me this little guy had nowhere to go (lucky me)! I decided one of my goals over the summer is to get more bird shots out in the wild (but, if all else fails, the zoo is always there)! 😀 Hope everyone has a great weekend…enjoy!


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6 thoughts on “Tweet!

  1. Nice shot David! I’ve read an article or two (perhaps by Scott Bourne?) on tips to get bird shots. It’s mostly about patience, which of course is why I don’t do many of them! 😉 If I can find the article I’ll toss the link to you.

    • Well Mike, I can take some fine shots of birds in captivity! 😀 Okay, being serious now, not sure why but birds really don’t like me photographing them. It’s really odd actually but, it just means something to strive for!

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