Turbulent Sky

Today’s The Daily Shoot’s assignment is: “Look up today and make a photograph of the sky. Cloudy, clear, or somewhere in between? Tell the story of your sky today.”

Trying my hand at HDR, there were three images used here, set at 2 stops apart. Go easy on  me, I’ve only done perhaps 3 or 4 HDR images (would love some tips from anyone who’s proficient at HDRs) . Now, I realize a lot of people tend to “blow” out an HDR image, I am trying to keep it more “photo realistic” so bear with me while I go through this massive learning process! 😛 Oh well, hope you enjoy this take on today’s assignment…the sky! Enjoy…


>>Flickr’s Lightbox<<


28 thoughts on “Turbulent Sky

  1. I’m really starting to like HDR photos now. They took a while to grow on me, but this one…the sky is breathtaking! It’s surreal, but maintains the realism.

  2. It’s a good HDR shot – you didn’t go overboard with the processing. Next time you might want to dial the saturation down a little and contrast up – get even more detail and texture out of the sky.

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