Sunset at NSH

I did a little photo walk at Northern State Hospital this week and as I was walking back to my car, this is what I saw! What a sunset, the sky looked absolutely amazing. The colours were just incredible and the clouds, dang, the clouds were just crazy! I love how there’s such turmoil in the upper portion of the clouds and yet, tranquility on the bottom.

Now, before anyone comments, very VERY little PS was done here, I changed the white balance as I inadvertently left the WB on a custom setting (I know, I know…always check ALL your settings prior to shooting…thank you RAW for the easy fix). I bumped the satch up by like 5 (so minor) and of course, added my name. Oh, I had the tips of some tree’s in the photo so I cropped just a tad to remove them! πŸ˜€ That’s about it…other than I really wish I had used my Tokina 11-16 instead of the 24-70mm! Oh well, enjoy!


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12 thoughts on “Sunset at NSH

  1. I can’t believe you went there without me. Sniff sniff. 😦

    I like that you decided to do a shot of just the sky without any landscape. I like the gradual changes of the clouds and sky.

    • Awww, it wasn’t touched much!! πŸ˜› Thanks for stopping by as well as for the comment and yes, it’s always great to be able to capture something at the right moment (my issue usually is that I don’t have my camera with me…I so need to just bring it with me all the time)!

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