River of Light

Another shot from Sunday’s little jaunt down to Seattle…enjoy!



17 thoughts on “River of Light

  1. I’ve been thinking about doing a night shot like this for some time… guess I am too chicken to be hanging out in Seattle after dark. Especially the area where you took this photo. πŸ˜‰

    Great shot David. Love the composition except… maybe it’s just me, but that single light in the center of the dark sky seems distracting.

  2. The trail of lights from the elapsed time makes this photo seem so still, actually. Like the city is sleeping under the watchful star of that streetlamp. Almost has a ‘nativity’ appeal to it. Very beautiful.

    • It’s the 12th Ave S (Dearborn Street) bridge. There’s a little park just south of the bridge (as soon as you go over the bridge, take the first right…can’t miss the parking lot as it’s the very next driveway). Between the park and the bridge, you can get some pretty nice shots. The problem I had with the park were the trees…grrr…

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