First of all, I know I have been remiss in my posts and comments of late, I apologize. Has been a crazy few weeks and things are now starting to settle down…whew.

My work has this “rewards” program where occasionally you can load a visa card with some cash! Well, I haven’t spend any of mine for SOME time and decided to head down to Seattle today to get a new tripod with said funds! Wooooot! This is a shot of Qwest field (mainly (American) football) on the right and Safeco Field (baseball) to the left. I just happened to press the shutter when there was a plane flying by, I rather like the trail! Enjoy…


12 thoughts on “Seattle

  1. Ha ha…Like Nigel, I am working my way backwards through your recent posts. Another spectacular shot (although it certainly doesn’t make me love the next one any less). I think you’re really onto something here, David. Looking forward to seeing more of the Seattle night sky (and skyline) through your lens!

  2. David… I take back my last comment (on your next post – I’m going backwards through my email) – this is your best work yet!

    Seattle and night time long exposure photos suit you very well.

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