Today’s The Daily Shoot’s assignment is: “Yellow is great at grabbing attention. Make a photograph today where the primary subject is yellow in color.”

My original idea was to shoot an egg yoke being poured into a egg white/yoke separator. The shot came out rather cool, but…it wasn’t yellow! Ha, oh well…I decided to play with lighting instead. While dinking around, Amy (being her awesome self) brought me Pluto and Pikachu so that I can have some yellow…thanx Amy! Enjoy…



4 thoughts on “Yella

  1. You do have a good talent for taking macro shots of objects, such as these. You always manage to set up a nice composition and light it very well. How did you get the pink lighting on this shot?

    • Thank you Nigel. The little guys were sitting on a piece of Plexi glass which was sitting on a white foam board. There was then a red (yes, red) foam board behind the subject, bounced my speedlite off the red foam board.

      Thank you for the wonderful comments Nigel, always means a lot!

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