Interstate 5 Bridge Collapses in Skagit County!


Last night, part of a bridge on Interstate 5 crossing the Skagit River collapsed. The bridge is 58 years old and is located between Mount Vernon and Burlington, Washington. Two cars went into the river and reports are saying there are no deaths. Right now the reason for the collapse hasn’t been officially determined but an over-sized truck is believed to have hit the overhead structure of the bridge. Absolutely amazing no one died! Traffic is going to be insane here for the next…oh, who knows…years. Watching the news right now and traffic is already backed way up and it’s only 6:45 am! Oh well, the important thing is that no one was killed…we can deal with the traffic. 🙂

>>More photos can be seen here<<


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11 thoughts on “Interstate 5 Bridge Collapses in Skagit County!

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  2. Oh my, what a terrible thing to happen. So glad nobody died. Thanks for sharing the photos, David. I haven’t turned on the news, so I had no idea. It is a scary thought, there is a major bridge in Montreal that is constantly being repaired, and every time I am on it, I cannot shake off “that” feeling.

  3. It’s scary to think I use that bridge often. Thank goodness it happened after rush hour. We have so many bridges here in Seattle. For the most part, I don’t think about the failure of structures when I’m on them but this is too close to home. I’m sure I’ll be thinking about it when I have to go across Lake Union later this morning. Thanks for the photos, David.

  4. So scary. GREAT set of shots – I looked at the whole set – The ones with the cars upside down in the water…really show the scariness of it all. And you caught amazing detail…all the people lining the shore and at the edge of the bridge. The shots with the ‘golden hour’ light are incredible. So glad that there were no fatalities.

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