Time For Breakfast!

David Williams Photography Time For Breakfast

f/8 | 1/320 | iso 10000 | Canon 2x EF Extender II | Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM II @ 200mm (400mm with the extender)

We have this wonderful river where I live…it bubbles, swirls, floods (ohhh so much fun) but best of all, has ton’s of eagles this time of year! Kaylea and I went eagle hunting last weekend and I managed to get a few good shots (take that you birds…my bad luck streak is over…I hope)! I plan on heading out again in the next week or two, so perhaps…just perhaps you might see more eagles! Okay, so you will see more as I do have a few more images which I’ll share. 😛 Happy Friday all…hope you have a great weekend!

Oh, about the title/image…not sure if you can make it out but that’s a fish he/she has in it’s claws! And yes, that is iso 10000 you read under the image…don’t ask why, it’s a “crud, I forgot to change my settings back” kinda moment. However, having said that…gotta love the 5dmiii and it’s high iso quality, very little cleaning up was needed!


© Copyright 2012 David Williams

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9 thoughts on “Time For Breakfast!

  1. Fabulous shot!! Gorgeous bird. I hope you do get more photos. I want to take photos of Eagles sooooo bad! I need to find a place that has them. I have a Tamron 70-300 macro lens with no stabilization. I have to keep the ISO pretty high to avoid any shake from holding it. I don’t think your high ISO hurt this a bit. Great job!

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