Light Speed

David Williams Photography Light Speed

My friend Sarah and I went out to Northern State Hospital yesterday and I decided to try a technique which I haven’t done yet, zooming while taking a long exposure (also known as Zoom Burst)! I took about 10 shots this way and this is certainly one of my favs, it’s an interesting technique and reminds me of Star Wars…when a ship is just starting to jump to Light Speed!

Anyway, this image started at 24mm and ended up at 70mm over 13 seconds (I used an ND8 filter to allow for the longer exposure).


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30 thoughts on “Light Speed

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  2. Whoa, great work! 🙂 I really like the term – light speed – since, it’s a seemingly impossible task and yet never stops us to make it possible anyway! 😉

  3. Nice! I have yet to try this on a long exposure, but it has given me an idea for something I wanted to photo later this week. Thanks! I agree with Mike on it rendering a “reflection” effect with the composition.

  4. I used to do these years ago back in Vancouver – my favourite was shooting neon signs. I liked a longish exposure where I kept it at one focal length for a second before zooming out – then I had the still nice and crisp plus the zoom lines. Really made the neon signs pop out at you! I didn’t even know there was a name for the technique. I just called it ‘goofing around with my zoom lens at night’! 😉

    This looks like a reflection to me – interesting.

    • Neon signs, good call! I intentionally finished the zoom early to allow a second or so to try and capture that crisp look you were mentioning (great minds think alike eh?). 😀 I had no idea it was called this either until this post…lol.

  5. David, you might find it works better without the ND8 with not so long a delay and spin your focus ring in one movement through the whole focal range. I usually set the Time Value at about 1/5 sec (the time it takes to spin the focus ring in one movement) don´t worry about camera movement as the finished effect is so dramatic you´ll never notice it, it just takes a little practice synchronising your remote release with onwe hand and focus movement with the other, just a suggestion aand a great image!

    • Thank you for the advice Adrian, greatly appreciated! I decided to go with the longer exposure so I could slowly zoom creating a smoother look (I think it worked). 😀 Of course, I used a tripod and the 2 second timer option. 😀

  6. I hope and wish everybody is fine… You are amazing with you camera, I loved it so much and I agree with you it reminds Star Wars… Great shot. Thank you dear David, Have a nice and great weekend, with my love, nia

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