David Williams Photography Spiked Macro

No Macro Monday theme for me today, not really near a computer today so I had to schedule this post yesterday (have to love the schedule option eh)! This nail was sticking straight up, out of what appeared to be a cow stall, no idea what was on top of this wall and honestly, I don’t think I really want to take a guess! This is from my last photo walk to Northern State Hospital and I did learn a lesson that day…bring my tripod even if I think I won’t need it!


Want to see it clearer?

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© Copyright 2012 David Williams.
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18 thoughts on “Spiked!

    • OMG, that totally made me laugh! Sad, but true story…last year, at the same location…a rusted nail cut my leg requiring me to head to the doc’s to get my tetanus shot! So, I am in the clear…for awhile anyway! 😀

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