The Way I Felt For You…

David Williams Photography Devon Williams

“I waved goodbye
I shed a tear
And never felt for someone
The way I felt for you
And I don’t mean… for anyone…
I mean… for you!”

For You by Wolfsheim

So Dev and I decided to head out last night to take some night “strobist” shots, rather pleased with how it turned out. The colour version was okay, however, the lighting he was under was this rather ugly orange. At the time it looked okay but when I got to post the more I looked at it, the more I disliked it! After some discussion with Devon, we both agreed B&W was the way to go. 😀

About the title and lyrics. While I was almost finished processing, the song For You by Wolfsheim played on my Zune and I realized how sad Devon appeared to look, as if he lost his love. After chatting with him, he agreed that’s what we should call it and, for the record, he is doing great with his girlfriend (hi Aly). 😀


Strobist info: Canon 430 EX II shot on manual @ 1/64th using a 28″ Apollo Softbox, camera right.

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© Copyright 2012 David Williams.
All rights reserved


12 thoughts on “The Way I Felt For You…

  1. Great Bokeh David,I hope i have as good a relationship with my daughter when she is Devon´s age, what better way to share a passion for photography than with one´s offspring!

    • Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment Adrian. I am sure you will have a great relationship with your daughter when she get’s Dev’s age…that is, if YOU can handle it. I am struggling with my girls getting older, isn’t there an off switch somewhere?? 😛

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