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We have had some snow hit the Seattle area lately and I’ve started to hear catchy terms, such as Snowmageddon or (I dig this one) Snowpocalypse! Having grown up in Canada (in a place where all cars come with a block heater…if you don’t know what a block heater is…well, you haven’t live in a place that get’s very cold), I’ve certainly seen my fair share of snow. Now, the amount we have been getting here is really, well, nothing! It just cracks me up hearing these wonderful terms…keep em coming guys!



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23 thoughts on “Snowmageddon!

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  2. I love snowpocalypse! That’s priceless. So’s this image though – it’s so still and I love the bluey-green tones. When we moved to Edmonton from Australia, I told my kids all about snow days, but Edmontonians are so tough, they never call school off on account of something so trivial as snow. The kids seriously want a snow-day. It’s like a right of passage for Canadian kids. They’re so deprived!

  3. I used to a block heater in my car when I lived in Alaska. Glad we don’t have to do that here. Well… while the rest of the people go crazy, at least the snow gives us photographers a temporary creative outlet. Beautiful capture, David. Love the reflection.

  4. Ha! I know what you are saying about the hyperbolic local weatherites. We get even less annual snow (sometimes none), so when it does come it’s a three ring circus. They shut down both interstates and schools for two days last year over 1/2 inch. For the image, this is an insta-fave. That slight emerald tone is so unique (and makes it so cold looking). The brush in the foreground looks like it’s from a cotton field.

    • It’s amazing what a few inches of snow will do isn’t it? Sigh, we move on. Not having many cotton fields around, I didn’t even think about it. Now that you mention it, it’s all I can see!!! 😀

  5. Nice quality to that water – it makes the shot that much more interesting.
    My part of Canada has the same weather, minus some rain, as Seattle. I don’t have block heaters either.

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