The Gaming Grid

David Williams Photography

The Gaming Grid awaits new combatants…

Come on…Tron meets Star Wars…it was bound to happen! About this image, it’s actually a composite of two images. One image is of the blue ring, the other image the red ring (I made the red ring layer “smaller” so it gives some depth). The little dudes are standing on an iPad2 using this cool little app called Softbox Pro. As it sounds, it’s a “softbox”…on your iPad (wow I am good eh)! I haven’t actually tried it as a softbox as this image immediately popped into my head when I was checking out the various settings. Yes, I plan on using the app as intended, as a softbox (stay tuned for that one).

Any way…enjoy!


Want to see it clearer? Want to see it without this crazy colour background the theme picked?
Click >>Flickr’s Lightbox<<

© Copyright 2012 David Williams.
All rights reserved


10 thoughts on “The Gaming Grid

    • Hi ya Brandon, not sure if you have DL the app yet, it’s certainly different than using a flash. I am still learning how to use it…but seems cool so far. I will probably get more out of this app using it as a light table than an actual Softbox!

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