David Wiliams Photography Thankful Canon 7d

With (the American) Thanksgiving just a few short weeks away, I thought I would do something about being thankful.

Yes, I am very thankful. Thankful for my family, my friends, for who I am now (stress the now), hell, thankful for just being alive! Thankful from where I came and where I am going.

For those wondering, the tattoo is a variation of the Sign of Chaos, something I got when I was in a rather dark period of my life. Instead of the original intention of chaotic thoughts/feelings in all the cardinal directions, it now serves as a daily reminder that I made it out and continue to be the best David I can be! 😀 Yes, those are a few scars, I am also a “cutter”. Now that’s a devil which I have to deal with daily. Do I hide them? Hell no, I am proud of who I am and more importantly, the hell that I climbed out of! I never hide any of them and will always talk to anyone about them if I am ever asked (surprisingly, not asked very often)!

Be thankful for what you have, for what you had and, of course, have fun and….enjoy!


Strobist: Canon 580 EX II on manual @ 1/8 power shot through a mini softbox (mini as in 3.5″ x 3.5″), camera left and a Canon 430 EX II on manual @ 1/32 (to catch my arm) shot through another mini softbox, camera right. Both triggered with Cactus v5 radio triggers.

Want to see it sharper?
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© Copyright 2011 David Williams. All rights reserved

28 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. A strong, intriguing image and a brave and revealing post. You have taken your demons and transformed them into something beautiful, David. It’s so cool to see you evolve as an artist. Thank you for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I’ve had this one tabbed on my computer since you published it, not able to come up with a great comment. That’s testament to how strong and stunning this image and post was for me. So in a word…beautiful.

    • Why thank you JP! I have come to terms with my major inner demons, even as bad as they are, they have certainly molded me into who I am. The sad part is, many people don’t use them to better themselves…I would like to believe that I have! 😀

  3. David, this is such a great post for what your image illustrates and for the words you chose to share.  You can’t find fault in someone who has moved forward in their life. I know my inner scars remind me of where I have come too.  I am thankful for being alive and finding your blog when I did. You are a mentor to many! 🙂

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