Macro Monday ~ Collectables

David Williams Photography Macro Monday Canon 7d

From the Flickr group >>Macro Mondays<<, today’s macro challenge is: “For this week challenge we will be digging a little more in the personal side of each one of you. Our new theme is to represent collectables and/or souvenirs we all have around the house. This is a simple theme with literally thousands of possibilities.”

Okay, so how could I pass up a chance to get my Star Wars fellas into a photograph? I realized today that outside of photo gear (too…large for macro work), I really don’t have many “collectables and/or souvenirs” outside these little ones. Enjoy…


Want to see it sharper?
>>Flickr’s Lightbox<<

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4 thoughts on “Macro Monday ~ Collectables

    • Thank you Martina. I actually took my time setting them up, even purposely placing one of them behind the helmet of another (as we all know, there’s always someone hiding behind a head in a group shot)! 😀

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