Kaylea Rose

Amy, Kaylea and I took our first hike of the season, we went to Lottie Point/Lighthouse Point at Deception Pass and had a really enjoyable hike. It was an amazing day, skies were clear, temperature (when we went on the hike) was around 65, the wind was blowing a tad (as you can tell by Kaylea’s hair) and of course, the most important part, the perfect company! 😀

About the shot, although I had brought my Speedlite and collapsible shoot through umbrella, I only needed my reflector. 🙂 Always be prepared right? Now had I really been prepared, I would have brought along a brush to tame the stay hairs. Oh well, it was a hike after all, enjoy…


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12 thoughts on “Kaylea Rose

  1. This is a beautiful shot of a beautiful young lady. That location looks amazing. I never really worry about stray hairs, first of all you don’t even notice second of all it more “natural.”

    • Thank you for the advice about stray hairs, it’s greatly appreciated! The image was taken on a hike we took that day on a trail at Deception Pass (Washington State). I have a feeling we are in for some “trouble” when our girls get a little older! 😀

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