The Drive-In, how I loved going there as a kid…who am I kidding, how I love going there now!

Last weekend we took the kids to the Drive-In, got there early to relax, set up the chairs, blankets out, popcorn ready, the normal Drive-In set up! After all was said and done, I had some time before the movie started so decided to walk the grounds with my camera (yes, I pretty much do take my camera almost everywhere I go).

As I was walking around, I got this sad feeling. This feeling that unfortunately, Drive-In’s are on their way out. The uneasy sway of the posts, the aging corrugated blue fence, the broken asphalt all around, sigh. I feel lucky that I am still able to take my kids to enjoy such a great experience and only hope that one day, they too will be able to share such wonderful times with their kids. Enjoy…


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9 thoughts on “Drive-In

  1. I completely understand what you are saying, I pass them in my travels often and once they become a “Saturday Flee market” it is not long until they have met their end. It is a sad passing of a great family outing. I too am glad there are a few left and we are lucky to have them.

  2. My parents used to take us to the drive-in when we were little. It’s been years since I’ve thought about it, and now I’m wondering if any of the South African ones are still in operation. I doubt it.
    It’s a very different atmosphere from the closed-in cinemas people seem to prefer these days.

  3. That is a great image and a beautiful story to it. I’m sure you’ve had a wonderful time with your kids and hope that this drive-in last for generation to come. I particularly like the selective focus and great bluish tones in this photograph. They complement the yellow poles incredibly well.

  4. What an interesting photo. Tells a great story. There are no more drive-in’s here but found one about 6 years ago in Wisconsin that was operating, but maybe not anymore. I really like the diagonal line that flows through the picture.

  5. Great shot. Unfortunately we don’t have this in Germany….or not in our area…don’t know if we have that in the south…..enjoy as long as you can go there…

  6. I like this photo a lot! We have a drive-in about 15 miles south of us and have thought about going with the kids. I would have never thought to take my camera because it seems like it is just a big empty space until the cars show up. I knew exactly what this was before I started reading. Perfect time of day (dusk) to take the picture.

  7. I’m glad you got to have that experience with your kids. I’ve actually never been to a drive in. (Gasp!) You’ve captured the condition of most of the drive ins that I’ve seen. Love the angle and composition of this shot.

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