USS Independence

Meet the carrier USS Independence (CV-62), decommissioned on September 30, 1998. She’s currently docked at the Puget Sound Naval Ship Yard along with three other decommissioned carriers, USS Ranger, USS Kitty Hawk and the USS Constellation. Believe it or not, she was in service for just shy of 40 years (39 years, 9 months), it was really an amazing sight.

**Just a note, for those visiting this link by using a search engine, I posted another image of the USS Independence the next day, >>Click here<<**

Yes, it was raining…shocker right? Rain in the Pacific Northwest…never! Devon and I took a little excursion this weekend (we were visiting family) and hit up the Puget Sound Naval Ship Yard. Now, we drove around and around and ended up in this parking lot which overlooked two of the carriers, the USS Independence (as shown) and the USS Kitty Hawk. Don’t know if we were suppose to be there, but never the less, we were. As we were getting ready to leave, I looked one last time and thought wow, what a great view! Of course, I grabbed my camera (with the Tokina wide angle attached) and captured this image from the drivers seat! Enjoy…


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12 thoughts on “USS Independence

  1. Yep, very sad. Nice to have an opportunity to see the Indy again. Before I knew she was decommissioned, I used to wonder if I might ever be able to go out on a tiger cruise. I remember my eyes moistening up when I found that she was just sitting and rusting. Those were some of the best days of my life.

  2. I was stationed aboard that mighty war wagon from 83-88. It saddens me to see her this way. They should make a museum out of her.

  3. Nice shot! Nothing quite as grand as a carrier, they’re amazing ships. You should definitely take the tour if you can. I toured the Intrepid (much smaller) in New York 20 something years ago, and remember it to this day!

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