Why, Hello There!

Yup, Cait and I went to Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle on Sunday! If you ask me (and my kids), giraffes are pretty cool! It’s somewhat amazing how tall these guys are. πŸ˜€

Considering how much fun we had, pretty sure we will be getting some season passes so expect more zoo pictures this year! Enjoy…


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20 thoughts on “Why, Hello There!

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shot like this of a giraffe. I didn’t know they have little mohawks running down their necks, or those cute little tufts of hair on their horns (?) Spectacular capture!

  2. Great shot David! I agree with Mike, giraffes can be a bear to capture. Tried for quite a bit at Disney’s Animal Kingdom last year and never did come away with a shot I liked as much as I do this one. Very nice perspective.

  3. Good job. Giraffes can be hard to capture well because we always have to look up so high and as a result they’re always backlit. You’ve balanced the light brilliantly!

  4. I like it – giraffes are a lot like horses – big but peaceful. I’m guessing he was in the enclosure with the high fence. I wish he was somewhere where we could get a better shot of him.

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