Ye Olde Photo

Well, colour me silly but I totally zoned on posting more images from our Seattle photo walk we had last month! This is one of the images I took, it was rather…bland so I decided to play around with aging the photo. Whatcha think (of course, don’t mind the modern day vehicles and bus)? Enjoy…


Update: I agreed with Mike and Emily’s comments about the “chocolate” look and decided to play around with this image a little more. Here’s the updated version: >>Ye Olde Photo ~ Adjusted<<

>>Here’s the image prior to conversion<<

>>Flickr’s Lightbox<<
>>My Flickr Set from the photo walk<<


15 thoughts on “Ye Olde Photo

  1. I like the old time feel in this shot David. Very nice idea to include the barren branches in the foreground to bring in interest to this shot. I do like the idea of setting the aperture @f/9 to keep enough things in focus without having it look like a snapshot.

    Good job!

    • I think I might have done one other “aged” look. I have done a few muted colours…but I wouldn’t really classify them together. I have enjoyed the post processing part as of late, been a blast!

  2. I like it, but I agree with Emily that sepia might look a little more old timey – or you could do it faded black and white, that might be interesting.

    • Thank you Mike, as I noted in Emily’s comment, I adjusted the image a tad. I am not sure if I like the theme’s choice of background colour in the adjusted image. Oh well, I had fun. 😛

  3. Interesting composition David. I like how the branches frame the city. However, I’m don’t feel the chocolate color processing captures the old photo feel. Maybe a little more sepia tone? 🙂

  4. What a great look–I love it. I like how the city street is the background to the branches, and the old fashioned lamp post to the left, and decorations atop the building add to the ‘olde world’ feel, even though the cars are modern. Oh, and there’s another lamp post on the right.

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