Passage To…

I took a quick trip to Northern State Hospital this morning to meet up with two friends. I’ve been there so many times and realized that I have never really focused on the graffiti there!

I really wanted to use this >>photo<< for today’s post but felt it would/could creep out some of the younger viewers! Almost dead centre of this photo, there’s this painted guy that has appeared throughout NSH’s grounds.

I started a new Flickr Set to place today’s and future NSH graffiti images.


>>Flickr’s Lightbox<<
>>Flickr’s NSH Graffiti Set<<


20 thoughts on “Passage To…

  1. I personally love the “tunnel” that goes right through the building! it captivates me, and I cannot take away my eyes from it. It sort of calls to go and check: what’s there on the other side?! silly human nature : ))
    And no worries about the younger audience. they probably see crazier stuff on the internet today πŸ˜›

    • Thanx for your wonderful comment! It does beckon you to venture through the image and imagine what’s on the other side doesn’t it…well, as long as you can get by those creepy eyes! πŸ˜› Ohh, this wasn’t the image I was worried about, I am certain you are right about the exposure kids get these days between the internet, video games and movies but I was thinking more of the younger younger age range (like, under 5 or 6) who (let’s hope) have not been exposed. Okay, I was probably over thinking it a tad! πŸ˜›

    • Well, the hospital was for…hmm, was for the sanity challenged (okay, let’s call it what it really was…a loony bin) so you might want to reconsider if anyone still does reside there! Ghost Hunters did a show on it and found it to be…haunted! Hmmm, daft ghosts…now there’s a mix that just can’t be good!

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