I was going through old photos today and ran across these (yes, these) images taken in June 2010. I have never been much into taking HDR images but obviously, I had that in mind when I was out shooting. This is three images combined where the exposure was 2 stops apart from each other. I decided after working on this image that I am definitely going to have to play around more with HDR images! Enjoy…


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20 thoughts on “Surreal

  1. Very nice. I have never done an HDR photo, but I’ve read some very interesting things about them. You can achieve such a wonder effect with them, as is clear in this photo. Beautiful.

  2. I think Mike’s comment is one of the most relevant ones ever written, regarding HDR. In many HDR photos I’ve seen, the photographer has ended up pushing things so badly that the image has that strange over coloured cartoon effect.

  3. Good shot in general, and good use of HDR. I have been experimenting with HDR for a while and I like it – just need to remember to go easy on the processing or you end up with a cartoon.

  4. Great shot David! Could you please tell me what time of day this was taken at? I like the blue in the sky… looks like late evening or very early morning.

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