Caitlyn Rai

Today’s The Daily Shoot’s assignment is: “Make a photograph with as soft a light source as you can find or create.”

Ahh yes, one of my favorite subjects…I just wish Kaylea and Devon would pose for me as much as Cait does! Hmm, I will have to work on that in the new year. Enjoy…


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8 thoughts on “Caitlyn Rai

  1. Great photo, a recommendation would be to include her neck as well otherwise it looks like a floating head because of the surrounding darkness. I think that including the neck would lead in more.

    • Thank you! I used a Canon Speedlite 430 ex II on manual set at 1/8 which was shot through an umbrella. Speedlite was camera right. There was a white foam board below to bounce the light back up. 😀

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