I decided to do something a little different, take a photo of something Amy loves…Pluto! It was hard to keep my subject a secret from Amy as she came into the garage when I was almost done shooting and then kept coming in while I was editing the photo! Dang it, oh well, it’s done and she loves it! Enjoy…



15 thoughts on “Pluto

  1. Love the yellow and the reflection…Very effective…And thanks for sharing the technical info on this. That said, this photo just plain makes me smile!

    • Thank you Emily! Pluto was sitting on a piece of Plexiglass which was sitting on a black piece of paper. The yellow was a reflection from a (yellow) foam board sitting behind them. Also used a small reflector (camera right) to provide some fill light. Was originally going to use a flash but ended up just using a longer exposure.

      Glad you like it. πŸ˜€

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