Today’s The Daily Shoot’s assignment is: “Illustrate an aspect of modern culture today. Make a photo that communicates the feeling of abandoned or discarded.”

When I read today’s assignment there was only one place that came to mind…Northern State Hospital!

I got there around 5:45 today…today being overcast, windy…just gloomy with a touch of rain here and there. By the time I finally got to enter the buildings, it was getting rather dark in there! Normally, places like this don’t bother me at all but let me tell ya, there was something in the air there today that made me a little…hmmm, that made me have goose bumps for a tad! It lasted only about 3-4 minutes and then an overwhelming feeling of calmness hit. It was a rather unique experience one had to feel…man do I love that place!



4 thoughts on “Discarded

  1. Great shot. I’m a big fan of your (and Jolene’s) Northern State Hospital images. I’m not sure what it says about me but that old mental hospital is my kind of place! 🙂

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