Today’s The Daily Shoot’s assignment is: “The warmth of wood takes on many shapes and forms. Make a photograph of something made of wood today.”

I was sitting there all day wondering what I could shoot for today’s assignment when it hit me, there’s this cool wooden bridge on a local trail that I sometimes hike on, well woot! I realize it’s a very busy photo, but it is a very “busy” trail this time of year with all the leaves off and about! Enjoy…


>>Image on Flickr<<


18 thoughts on “Wooden…

  1. I like this immensely. And I like the POV just as it is – kind of a small creature’s eye view. I could imagine a wood mouse investigating from there.

    Kind of reminds me of the ‘Little People’ website. I won’t link to it in case you’re not interested, but it’s a fun site of miniature people left to fend for themselves in the big world… this kind of perspective.

    Look at those boards and the chipping wood. Love it. What detail!

    • Hello Val, thank you for stopping by. My youngest daughter has been taking photos over the last year or so and I love the PoV! It’s always so interesting the things that she “see’s” which seem to be lost from an adult’s point of view. πŸ˜€

  2. I like this. I don’t necessarliry agrre that it is busy though. There are definitely several elements in here, but there is no mistaking the strong leading lines. I actually would have preferred the image to be slightly darker. Nice job.

  3. Nice perspective. I like the angle of the shot with the curb right up close…and the fall colors. What beautiful scenery you have by you.

    What kind of lens did you use?

  4. I like this although, I would have preferred it bang smack in the middle, with a slightly high pov, i.e. to make the lines parallel. I wonder how it would look in sepia.

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