Summer Reflections

Today’s theme from The Daily Shoot is brought to you by…glass! “Make a photograph of something made out of glass. Be sure to go for interesting reflections or highlights.”

We decided to do a little “late summer cleaning” around the house and I happened to come by a bag of marbles. I have no idea where they came from, nor when then arrived in our house but, I am glad they did! I placed the marbles on our glass patio table, left the umbrella up and started to shoot. If you look into the lower left and middle marbles, you can see the house, the umbrella and sky (including some clouds…we do live in the Pacific Northwest after all).

Hope you enjoy this photo as much as I had taking it!



10 thoughts on “Summer Reflections

  1. Love it!! You always know how to capture a great picture with just ordinary items and make them look cool!!! I am a total fan of your work!

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