Today’s theme at The Daily Shoot: “Make a photograph from a high point of view. Get on top of a building, use a ladder, or just look down at a small object.”

Today was an extremely FULL and fun day! I believe tomorrow will be equally cool as I am thinking of taking a hike around Deception Pass. Fun fun to be had.

About this photo, I took it at my favorite asylum (which is now defunct…hence, me not being there…muahahahaaa), Northern State Hospital. While the meat was defrosting for our dinner (yummy spaghetti), I took a quick drive out there. I just love living so close to really interesting places! 😛 Anyway, enjoy!



6 thoughts on “Down

  1. Every time you write ‘Northern State Hospital’, it freaks me out a little! I remember some weird episodes of MTV’s Fear. I can just imagine all the ghosts that haunt that place!

    • I love the place man, SO many cool things to see/explore. The facility was on an episode of Ghost Hunters and they found the place to be haunted. Call me crazy, but I actually find it peaceful there (mind you, have not been there in the dark…)


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