Skyline Divide Hike

Today was our first hiking adventure. As you can tell by Cait’s flushed face, it was a workout for us! Skyline Divide starts off with a two mile incline which can beat ya down pretty quick! We only made it in just a little over a mile before we turned around (okay, before Cait talked me into it). I plan on heading up there myself as I have been told that at the two mile mark there’s a meadow that has incredible views…so looking forward to it!

About the photo, okay, really…two things about Cait in the photo. First, the little red bag is our first aid kit (she loves that it’s a little backpack) and second, she just LOVES the hiking boots we got her. She totally wore them around the house for the first few days (typical nine year old antics).

I’ll have to say that I was inspired today not only by our adventure but afterward when I was chilling, checking out a few photo blogs. Both Sasi’s blog and Instamatic Gratification made me realize that I really need to start posting more on this blog! I think I will make that a goal of mine…enjoy!



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