Got the Point

Was playing around with DoF on this shot, I think I will retake it as I would like just a tad bit more of the planks to be in focus…let me know what you think of my idea, comments are always greatly appreciated!



4 thoughts on “Got the Point

  1. I see what you mean. This photo is very good in terms of the idea, the setup and the angle but I do agree that you need a bit more on the left to be in focus to perfect it.

    As well as retaking this same shot, I wonder what this shot would become in the twilight or some other time of day where the lighting greatly changes things.

    Normally I’d take a photo, if it’s good, great, if it’s okay, I’ll settle for it. With my soft lights photo thinking the same as you are with this, it’s not quite perfect and I think it could be with a bit of effort, so I’ll retake it.

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