Texture Thursday ~06.26.14~

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Back in February 2012, my friend Brandon over at When This Becomes There (go check it out, a great photoblog) and I started to do Texture Thursdays…basically where we add a texture layer to the image changing the outcome (sometime subtle, other times, well, yea). I suppose an image of something with some awesome textures going on would totally work, hmmm. Anyway, I also Incorporated another technique in this image called freelensing. Basically it’s where you hold the lens to your camera without attaching it then angle it a bit to allow light to come in. I know, sounds crazy but you get some pretty funky depth of field going on not to mention a cool looking photo! Check out this image, it’s my fav freelensing shot that I have taken (and kinda hard to capture cause freelensing AND a strobist shot) >>Click Me<<

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