Abandoned Lime Quarry Part I

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There’s this abandoned lime quarry about 45 minutes east of where I live. I have heard about it at various times and have always wanted to head out there but have never really had the opportunity. I decided to make time over the weekend and wouldn’t you know it…it rained! I still decided to brave the weather and hung out there for about 45 minutes. Can’t wait to get back out there when there is no rain (hahaha, I live in Washington State…is there such a thing?). This is part I, I’ll post more on Thursday (after Wordless Wednesday). Series II will have more internal shots.


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12 thoughts on “Abandoned Lime Quarry Part I

  1. Wow! I’m always on the look for places like this. I live in the Seattle area. Would you be inclined to tell me where this is??

    • Of course, it’s in Concrete Washington. I’ll shoot you an email this weekend and give you the info. It’s a really cool place with some great sites! While you are up here, you should also visit Northern State Hospital (it’s on the way to Concrete). 🙂

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  3. ‘Let me at it!’ – excellent discovery. I can see you are going to be able to spend many a spare hour at that site. ( I can see it ‘growing’ in your imagination as you develop your knowledge of the quarry)

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