Dreamland Ponies

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As you can imagine, these ponies were a huge hit with everyone.  It’s amazing what you can find when you walk around a city!!

…Enjoy (and go Hawks)!

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9 thoughts on “Dreamland Ponies

  1. Animal activists aren’t having a cow about these ponies being painted because number one, the paint that is used is children’s non-toxic water color finger paint, that comes off with only water! Number two, it is all painted on strictly by hand and the ponies think they are simply being petted when having only their manes and tails temporarily colored! Number three, horses and ponies do not lick and groom themselves like dogs and cats, and have no interest licking off the temporary color, but if they did, if the paint is safe for human children, it’s safe for the ponies too! Number four, the ponies have no concept that they are a different color whether they are natural white or brown or colored pink, blue or purple! What they do know is that they are fed really great and high quality hay and supplements, given fresh water, carrots and apples for treats, and love getting loved on, attention and petted by people! They are also therapy ponies that adore people, and their “jobs” tremendously. Their owner is a professional horse trainer that is very in-tune with these special animals emotions, and their well-being and happiness is number one. Thank you for caring enough to say something, so we could share a little more about these ponies!! They are a very much loved part of our family, and we are happy to share them with everyone else too! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  2. In terms of the activists, I obviously couldn’t tell you what kind of dyes that they would have used on the ponies and whether or not they could potentially be irritating, but I would imagine the dying process would be more of a grooming experience for the little ponies (getting their hair brushed, smoothed, shampooed, brushed again, etc.). As long as the ponies weren’t irritated then I see nothing wrong with it.

  3. Oh how cute these little ponies are! They remind me of My Little Pony toys. These are great photos! I’m curious did the animal activists get wound up about subjecting these ponies to having their mane dyed?

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