Steel Wool Part II

David Williams Photography Steel Wool2

f/11 | 10 seconds | iso 250 | 17-40mm f/4L USM @ 17mm

Thought I would share another steel wool shot, I am still undecided as to which shot I like better (although, I am kind of leaning towards this one over >>yesterdays<<). I love the sparks hitting the ground and the water, simply cool!

Hope you have a great day and an even better weekend!


© Copyright 2013 David Williams

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11 thoughts on “Steel Wool Part II

  1. I would love to take a photo like this. I get inspired every time I see one, but just trying to find a good spot so I don’t accidentally light something on fire. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi there, sorry I didn’t get to respond earlier…it’s been a CRAZZZYYYyyy weekend (this is about the first time I’ve been able to sit down and read the comments)!

      I totally agree, finding a safe place to do this can be a challenge especially considering just how far the sparks fly! I’ve started the hunt for other locations for me to head and have fun (the location used here is about a 45min drive away from me, would rather have a “local” spot)! 🙂

      • Understood. The tree-free place I am thinking of for me is about a two hour drive away. Plus, not sure I want to hang out alone in the middle of nowhere after dark. I’ll have to find a photography buddy when I head out – then double up on the types of shots I capture. But this type of photo is definitely on my bucket list. Thanks again for sharing.

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  3. If you are familiar with the New Zealand Maori Poi dance you can imagine what they could do with the flaming steel wool.

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