No Loitering

David Williams Photography No Loitering

f/2 | 1/800 | iso 100 | Canon 135mm f/2L USM

Continuing with shots from Pike Place Market (not that you can really tell), I present to you “No Loitering”. What’s a little amusing about this image is the bird below was in perfect alignment with this sign…perhaps he needs to brush up on his reading skills?

David Williams Photography No Loitering

f/2 | 1/800 | iso 100 | Canon 135mm f/2L USM

Can you believe I managed to get an image of a bird!? For those of you who don’t know, birds and I just DON’T mix at all! Whenever I try to capture a bird they fly off…every stinking time. Ggggrrrrrrrrr….


© Copyright 2012 David Williams.

Creative Commons License
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18 thoughts on “No Loitering

    • Thank you for the visit and for the comment. Unfortunately, my back yard is fenced so a blind just wouldn’t work out that well! 😀 I keep trying and hey, that’s all we can ask for yea?

  1. Are you telling the full story here, about the bird? That’s a starling and they travel in flocks of hundreds. Could it be that by random chance alone you were likely to capture a bird if you set your exposure and focus on automatic, closed your eyes, and took, say, 10 shots?

    • As I was posting this image, I really did think to myself that you would know the name of this little fella! 😀 The starling was really by himself, I promise and I could probably capture a bird with the 10 shot process as you described, however, I think it would be a rather boring image. 😛 Birds as the primary subject for me…sigh, I try and try…

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