No. 2

David Williams Photography

f/2.8 | 1/60 | iso 100 | Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L USM @ 42mm

Interesting title eh? I often listen to classical music while in post production and while working on this image, I was listening to Nocturne in E Flat Major, Op. 9 No. 2 by Chopin…it just seemed to fit! This image was a precursor to tomorrows Wordless Wednesday shot but today, I realized it’s the Fourth of July tomorrow so I will postpone the image I had planned till Thursday (should still work with Textured Thursday). About Thursday’s picture, Amy thinks it’s a little creepy…guess we shall see eh!


© Copyright 2012 David Williams.

Creative Commons LicenseThis work by David Williams is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License.


10 thoughts on “No. 2

  1. I recognize I’ve been commenting a lot lately, but I have to say that I hope you meant that No. 2 fits as the title due to the image and not the piece of music! Such a mellow, almost dreamy piece of music (fellow lover of classical here). I do enjoy the “face” in the background, I do that to bell peppers all the time, but only because it’s funny.

    • Hi Melanie, sorry it’s taken a tad to respond…I really wasn’t ignoring your question! It’s always fascinated me how people can interpret things so differently! Yes, sad…not sure why but that piece of music has always made me sad…not like down and out sad, just a little blue. Can’t really pin why, but it does. 😀

  2. I like your choice of focal point, I keep waiting for my eyes to focus on the image in the background. Nice work!

  3. Great image, David. I’m online today and catching up with blogs … again! I keep falling being as it’s tricky enough to keep up with my own posts whilst on the road (have only managed two since leaving Lewes), never mind continuing to follow those blogs I enjoy, but am looking forward to scrolling backwards through yours …

    • Heeeyyyyy Mufidah, really glad to hear from you! I’ve been thinking of you guys (sending well wishes) and have often though of how your exploration has been going, well I hope! No worries about falling behind, totally understandable (I do it all the time and am not off on a great adventure)! Glad you like the image…take care. 😀

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