David Williams Photography Mom Portrait

f/2.5 | 1/50 | iso 1000 | Canon 85mm f/1.8 USM

This is my mom. For the past few months I have thought long and hard what I would say when this time comes, for you see, she’s on her very last leg of her long journey. So many things I wish I could say again and have her understand, to let her know just how much I love her and how much I will miss her once her journey ends.

I’ve sat staring at the blank “screen” for the last few hours and I still can’t vocalize what I want to say, I have managed to go through many sheets of tissue, a few headache pills, sure my eyes are puffed closed….

I’ve decided to provide you this link to the following song >>From My Hands<<

“So much I thought, I’d have to say
though I try to speak, my meaning strays
We can”t avoid the facts that brought us here
I have come to say goodbye

The lies I try to tell with my own eyes
An act of pride, a willful compromise
Please understand how torn I am
when I walk away from here

I lament the moments we won’t share
If I am far too sentimental, I apologize
Please understand, this is who I am
and who I’ll still be when I’ve walked away from here

You know that I am not unkind,
when I say: in the future, the past is just the past
No going back, no change of heart
But this is now
Time will not defer

My thoughts betray, so easily confess,
how long I’ll wait here after you have gone
Nothing ends but I don’t believe that now
Please don’t walk away from here

When alone, when I remember days,
nothing will change a single fact of who you were to me
Oh, come what may, forever to the end
I find it so hard to let you go

Hush now
Let it go now
There’s no need for sad goodbyes

Hush now
Let it go now
I know it’s time to go

Time to let this fall from my hands”

From My Hands by VNV Nation

I love you so very much mom and, there’s no need for sad goodbyes because we will meet again…


17 thoughts on “Mom

  1. My heart goes out to you and your family David. I must say that this Portrait is outstanding in respect of her very warm and beautiful smile. Such a nice photo from top to bottom.

  2. I don’t pretend to know anything about your mother or your relationship with her. But to an outside observer like me, the beauty and radiance I see in this photo, and the obvious loving connection between the photographer and the subject, say all you need to say.

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