85mm 1.8: Lookout Point

David Williams Photography Little Mountain Lookout Point

Where I live, there’s access to many wonderful hiking trails, Little Mountain Park is one such place. As the name implies, the park is actually all of Little Mountain (as far as I can tell anyway) and at the top of the mountain, there’s a few lookout points. This is the north facing lookout point and thankfully, you can actually drive to the top (I would have so disliked hauling all my gear…). 😀

Happy Friday all.

f/1.8 | 1/3200 | iso 50 | Canon 85mm f/1.8


© Copyright 2012 David Williams.

Creative Commons License
This work by David Williams is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License.


22 thoughts on “85mm 1.8: Lookout Point

  1. Looking at this photo again, I like it even more. While the subject is the lookout, surely the story is the view – that is what the lookout is for, that is why you are there, and there it is, in the background and all around (one senses).

  2. David, I dig the fact that you shot the lookout as opposed to the actual view, which would have been the obvious choice, but then that lookout is pretty nice. I agree with you about the gear. As much as I love hiking, Dragging your gear up the mountain for a few hours for a twenty minute shoot at the top can make a person re-evaluate their sanity.

    • Thank you Lionel, I figured why take the actual vista as I am certain many many folks have done so in the past. I will eventually post an actual shot from the lookout but for now, I like this! The long haul with all the gear can certainly be draining, however, I suppose it acts as a great workout tool eh? 😀

  3. Finally getting some time to catch up on blogs — doing a bit of a whistle-stop tour though, but nevertheless appreciating as I go! A quick glance and I can see you’ve taken some lovely images over the past couple of months and am off to look through them now 🙂

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