Wordless Wednesday ~02.29.12~

David Williams Photography Freelensing Portrait Wordless Wednesday


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23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~02.29.12~

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  3. Great shot. I am enjoying your freelensing series. I have a new old nikkor lens for my cannon, and no adapter yet. Maybe this is what I should be doing while I wait for the mailman. You are always giving me ideas!

  4. Well, at least she got a pink background.

    I remember breaking my right hand when I was twelve. Slipped and fell on my side and CRAAACK. Ok, maybe not that dramatic. Actually, it didn’t hurt much at all – something to do with some muscle protecting the bones when you are young. I enjoyed six weeks at home after that. It’s quite fun – you live like a king and get to tell people what to do.

  5. David, now how can I enjoy, seeing a kid in a cast? Ouch. The image is stunning with the great colors and your creative lighting of course. Hope she is doing well. For a photographer it is a great shot, so I enjoy that, but not for the pain she must have been in to get that cast. 🙂

    • You know what’s funny, I was looking at this post earlier and thought..hmmm, I have my staple “…enjoy” in there…wonder if I should have removed that! 😀 Lucky for Cait, it was a rather small fracture and there was a slight ponder on the doc’s side if a cast was even needed or just a splint. The cast won of course and Cait is really in good spirits! Thank you for your comment Martina.

  6. Omgosh how sweet and such an amazing shot. Didn’t realize that she had a cast on till I opened it up on your blog. That was such a great idea!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your link :))


  7. WOW! Dear David, this is the best photograph that I have seen in your blog…. So beautiful, so beautiful… The colours are amazing BUT the girl, the pose and the composition, the light, the mist, everything is amazing… You did GREAT shot. I loved it so much. Blessing her, and Thank you, with my love, nia

    • Thank you for such a wonderful comment Nia! Cait is totally fine, she fractured her wrist while playing at school, took a bad trip! I think so far, one of the most upsetting things about this ordeal was that she had her heart set on a pink cast but they were out! 😀

      This was an interesting shot for me as I was not only using my Speedlites (used two, one to illuminate the background and another on Cait), but this is also a freelensing shot (see yesterdays post). As you might have guessed, this week’s theme is…freelensing!

      • You are welcome dear David, I am sad for her, but I hope and wish it is better now. You are doing great photographs, always fascinate me, as your next one! Thank you, with my love, nia

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