The Camera

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Took a photo walk today with two great people, >>Ryan<< and >>Damian<<. Had a lot of fun, totally looking forward to more outings.

This is an image of Damian and his Nikon D200 (he’s monkeying around on his iPhone, I actually made him move back into the shot…buahahahaa). If you are wondering, he had his right angle finder attached to his camera as he was just shooting straight up a grain silo (interesting attachment, I’ll have to look into one of these guys).


Want to see it clearer?

Click >>Flickr’s Lightbox<<

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5 thoughts on “The Camera

    • Thank you very much! It was just one of those moments, camera chilling on a tripod with it’s pet behind it…how could I ever pass that up? Sorry Damian, we are their pets after all! 😛

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